For more information about the Griffith U3A please contact one of our members listed below.

President Brian Alty (02) 6962 4902  
Vice President   Lance Parker    
Secretary Anne Gribble (02) 6964 6928  
Treasurer   Bill Alexander (02) 6963 0291 7248  
Membership Officer   Jean Guiton (02) 6964 1061 For more information "click here" to download our term brochure and a membership application form
Mail To:

PO Box 2083 Griffith NSW 2680        

or email The Secretary

2017 - 2018 Committee President Brian Alty
  Vice President Dick Paul
  Secretary Anne Gribble
  Assistant Secretary Kath Morris
  Treasurer Bill Alexander
  Assistant Treasurer Lynne Gardiner
  Web Master Gordon McCaw
  Publicity Officer Nan Simpson
  Membership Officer Jean Guiton
  Senior Citizens Centre Committee rep Gordon McCaw
  Public Officer Allan Haggarty
  Ordinary Committee Members

Paul Gribble, Peter Lowman,

Margaret Sloan